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Bolton Physio is a leading provider for musculoskeletal physiotherapy (services for muscle and joint problems).

Whatever your problem, we guarantee we have the best physio for you to achieve the best results.

Our modern clinic is located in Bolton town centre, making it easily accessible for all. We have highly qualified physiotherapists and excellent facilities to treat your musculoskeletal and sports injuries. Our physiotherapists also liaise with our other health professionals for a truly holistic approach.

Our services include:

Why choose Bolton Physio?

You should choose Bolton Physio for many reasons, most of all for the quality of service.

All of our physiotherapists here are very experienced and highly specialised in musculoskeletal problems. You can be sure you will receive the best possible care and treatment available. They are registered by the Health Professionals Council and are members of the professional trade union body for the UK's Chartered Physiotherapists, the CSP.

Bolton Physio provides first class physiotherapy assessment, treatment and management of your condition using the best facilities available. Our physiotherapists focus on getting you to the best you can be in the quickest possible time frame.

Benefits of attending Bolton Physio include:

Physiotherapy treatment can be provided for your convenience both in the clinic and the home.

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Testimonials and reviews

Don't just take our word for it...

Our patients' words can describe much more than our descriptions of expert therapy and our complete and unwavering dedication to maximising your rehab potential.

Iqbal, Leeds

"My physiotherapist gave me a consistent timetable for my rehabilitation and recommended exercises oriented around getting me back to work as soon as possible."

Steve, Osmondthorpe

"I can now just about walk around the house with a cane, and I'm more able to do things myself. I feel it has been a great help as I don’t think I could have coped without you guys."

Sarah, Headingley

"I'm a local GP and Leeds Physiotherapy has provided my patients with a great service, I'd definitely recommend them."